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7 Steps Of Removing A Tree Safely

Posted by admin on February 13, 2018 in Uncategorized |

So, you have also considered all the factors worthy of having that particular tree cut down. You have even sought permission from the city council and permission has been granted. Great! It’s time now to have that tree down.

Nevertheless, you should know that tree removal can end up being a source of damage, destruction or even worse, death! This should make it clear why only experts and professionals should be entrusted to carry out the task. This is what we should be referring to as “professional tree removal.” This is how to go about it now;

Get Rid Of Any Dangerous Objects Around The Tree

Some trees maybe surrounded by live electrical cables. The danger here is real! You need only experts to deal with this task. The objects maybe water pipes, vehicles and the like. However, children are a part of what should not be near the tree. These are some of the things that should be given consideration when preparing to start the job.

Natural Tree Growth Angle

It is always advisable to first observe the natural way that the tree is leaning. Allowing the tree to fall by the natural way of growth is the best option to go by. However, you need to consider many factors before finally going by this option. You see, if it is unsafe to have it fall by that side because of a nearby permanent structure, you should consider having it fall by another direction. You can also check out Jaipur India if you want to have a good view of nature.

Check For Nay Decay And Hollowness

A decayed tree is subject to falling at any anticipated time. This may harm or kill the expert at work. This explains why you need to check for any decay and hollowness on the tree every time before the job is started. Plus, decay can cause the tree to fall against the anticipated or intended direction.

The Escape Direction

The escape direction is a route that is set ensuring that there are no objects that are lying around. It is the way of escape if the tree falls in the unintended direction. Two escape directions are alright.

Determine The Right Saw Size

You will have to determine the right saw size by checking on the diameter of the tree trunk. Why? A big diameter will need a chainsaw whereas a small diameter may only need a handsaw. The right saw should be used for the right job. This way you are safe carrying out the task.

Undercut The Tree

In accordance with the anticipated direction, the tree should fall, cut a V that is 45 degrees. The depth of the cut should be in line with the tree’s diameter. The higher the diameter of the tree, the higher the degrees should be.

Proceed To A Backcut

As the name implies, cut on the opposite side of the undercut. That should be the back face of the tree, right? This will cause the tree to begin falling at some tremendous speed. Remember to get off the way when the tree is falling.


Don’ just think of removing a tree, think of the safest way of handling the task too!

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