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Trees and the Injuries they Cause

Posted by admin on October 5, 2017 in Uncategorized |

Trees are good for the environment. They play an important role by cleaning the air, providing shade and even providing fruit among other things. They are also homes for certain animals and birds. However, trees can cause some serious injuries in some cases.

Unstable Trees

If you have a tree in your compound, it is best to have an arborist pay you a visit once from time to time to do an assessment of your trees. Through this inspection, you might find that some of your trees are diseased and therefore compromised in structure. This can be dangerous especially when there are storms and strong winds. These trees cold fall on buildings, kennels, cars and even people causing irreversible damage and fatal injuries. However, if the trees are regularly taken care of or cut off altogether, these injuries could be avoided.

Climbing Trees

Children have a habit of climbing and playing on trees. Research shows that the fatalities arising from tree climbing are significant in number. Branches break, people lose their grip and all this leads to serious falls that cause extensive bodily injuries and death.

In this case, it is not the tree service itself that causes the injury but rather the behavior of children and other climbers. Without the trees, these injuries and deaths would not happen. To reduce the number of fatalities coming from tree climbing, it is best to advise people against climbing trees unless it is necessary and unless there are safety measures in place such as wooden stair cases with guard rails for tree houses.

DIY Tree Cutting

The other major injuries that stem from trees occur during DIY tree cutting activities. This is one of the reasons why people are advised to get professional arborists to cut and remove their trees. These professionals are trained and experienced. They know all the safety precautions to take in order to avoid injuries and damage. On the other hand, you only have a tutorial or guideline on how to remove the tree on your own. You might have some safety equipment but this is not something you have done before so you might not take all the precautions like a professional.

These DIY tree cutting leads to:

  • Cuts and Lacerations

Whenever you are cutting down a tree, you will need special equipment. You might need an axe or a power saw. If you do not know how to use these tools well, you can easily get injured. You could cut yourself as you swing the axe or even get more serious cuts if there is a kickback in the power saw. Cuts and lacerations are also inflicted by any flying bits and pieces as you cut the tree likeĀ www.grtreeservicepros.com. If you do not have the right protective gear, you could easily get splinters or more serious cuts from these smaller parts of the tree.

  • Head Injuries and Concussions

This is one of the most common injuries people face during tree cutting. It is especially common for people who use ladders. Ladders can be unstable especially when they are not operated by more than one person. When a ladder becomes unstable, you fall off it and to the ground. Additionally, with a ladder, you might have to use a branch for support in case the section you are working on is too high. Branches often break or snap off, leading to serious falls as well.

In each of these falls, some people bang their heads on the tree and any other object as they fall and on the floor when they land. This can be very dangerous. At best you will suffer a concussion which is painful and potentially damaging to your brain. At worst, you could die because of a broken skull or other extensive head injuries.

  • Broken Bones and Limbs

When you fall, you might land on any part of your body. However you land, the force of the fall could easily lead to broken legs, arms, necks and other bones in your body. In that case make sure you go to a church and pray!


Trees can cause a lot of damage and many injuries. By themselves, trees are beneficial if they are in perfect health. They are only problematic if they have diseases and if their size, shape and growth pattern is dangerous to the surrounding. In such cases, all it takes is fairly unfavorable weather to lead to fallen trees, damaged property and injured bystanders. Other tree injuries are caused by human behavior through climbing and other activities such as Do It Yourself tree removal.

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